Sometimes ago, I became dissatisfied with some areas of my life. I felt like I’m not where I would love to be and I started looking around for the reasons why. Many thoughts came flashing through my mind. I thought up many reasons why I’m not getting the results I want. I’m busy with my young family. I have a demanding job. I am involved with the church etc.

As I lay awake in my bed with these thoughts swirling around in my brain and keeping me awake, I felt the Lord lead me to stand in front of the mirror in my powder room. It was as if a force was making me face the reality I didn’t want to see. This was around 3 am that morning. As I gazed upon the image in the mirror I felt these words come up within me, in a stern way, and I believe it’s the spirit of God, my teacher.

“Yemi, don’t expect to receive from anyone whatever you are not ready to give to yourself!” I had not heard that line from anyone or anywhere before then. He went on to say “Whatever you are not ready to take for yourself, don’t expect to receive it”. He led me through series of reality checks for which most of my response was a sheepish “no, I cannot blame anyone for that”. I definitely got schooled that day and I’m thankful for it.

You know, laziness and complacency will keep you from pursuing and laying hold of what you already KNOW is yours. It is possible to know who you are and not live like it because it is easier to blame others or circumstances around you for being in your present state, than to put in the energy and discipline needed to commit to taking the actions required to turn that knowledge into your reality! Phew! Long sentence. Ok, this is what I’m saying.

Just knowing is not enough. I call this ‘living in the knowing zone’ where you feel good about some new information or knowledge of possibilities that opened up for you. Now you have some revelations, truths, facts that you’re excited about but it is just that – Information, not your reality.

To get beyond the knowing zone, there has to be a strong desire followed by determined action steps to manifest what you already know or realized is within you or available to you. You have to press beyond the head knowledge into the place of walking, living and breathing the truth and seeing it manifest in your life. Find out what you need to do and commit to it. Day by day. One step at a time. Then, after you’ve done all, you will need to stand firm in your new identity and reality to avoid getting sucked back into that familiar and comfortable ‘knowing zone’.

Next time you stand in front of a mirror, do your own reality check and see what answers you come up with for the reasons you’ve been giving yourself for not being who you know you are or where you know you ought to be. Don’t wait to be schooled before you get out of the knowing zone. God is more than able and so are you!

Scriptures: Prov 14:23; Prov. 19:15; Prov. 26:15; 2Thess 3:10